JoyToy Warhammer 40K 1/18 Action Figures Space Marines(Set of 4 Figures)


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Legion Origins:

In the distant future, humanity stopped expanding the galaxy because of the turmoil of the Dark Ages. During this period, a divine leader, the Emperor, created a new empire, assembled humanity into an army and created twenty genomes, and the super-human soldiers modeled on these genomes were the Star Soldiers – the legendary Angels of Death. In the great Holy War, humans unified countless worlds and conquered dozens of alien races. But in this vast empire with billions of people is about to face its price – a devastating civil war broke out and threatened the survival of the human race. It struck down the flesh of the emperor and took control of Terra, the place where humanity lives. Ten thousand years have passed, and without the emperor’s leadership, the human empire is being invaded by heretics and alien races from within. In this dark 41,000th year, only a quarter of the human race remains, and the only weapon left to defend against the invasion is the Astartes – the Star Warriors.

Special Equipment:

The Star Warriors were the ultimate development of mankind for war and to achieve the great expedition of the emperor. They are the ultimate weapon to resist the aggression of foreign races and the last savior of mankind. They are the elite humans selected from billions of people and undergo the genetic engineering of star warriors with countless years of training, many recruits can not survive this test. Equipped in 7-foot-tall armor, the Starfighter looks awe-inspiring, but many will not live to see it.


  • Name: 
    1xFist of the Empire Sword Guard Veteran
    1xHoly Blood Angels Veteran Alberigo
    1xExtreme Warrior Veteran Sergeant Acastus
    1xExtreme Warrior Sword Guard Veteran
  • Color: Blue Red Yellow
  • Size: 5.1Inch-action figure with articulated joins
  • Parts: Pocket knives, fanny packs, backpacks, thermite guns, interchangeable grips, holsters and other accessories
  • Series Name: Warhammer 40k
  • Proportion: 1/18


  • Holiday or Birthday Gifts: Character model fine detail, movable joints, you can adjust the model according to your desired shape, ideal for gifts.
  • Send to yourself: If you love Warhammer 40k, you can make a selection of our models, we have rich types, rich factions, come and choose the character models you support for your collection!
  • Age: This product is suitable for young people over fifteen years old.


  • Maintenance: Warning and TipsKeep your figures in a ventilated environment and the best way is watching them in a glass cabinet or display box.Keep your figures away from moisture, heat, dust or direct sunlight.When the figures are stained with dust, use a hairdryer(cool) and a soft brush to clean the dust. Do not use a strong cleaning agent.Because the soldiers are an action figure, there are many joints that can be rotated and the parts are fine.
  • Support: If you have any problems with your product after you receive it, please contact us immediately and we will help you within 24 hours. If your product is found to be damaged within seven days of receipt, please contact us and we can provide you with replacement parts.

AMAZING 1/18 COLLECTIBLE FIGURES- New Science-fiction theme action figures coming! This product is a collectible figures unit set, 4 FIGURE are included in this set. Not a toy for children. Recommended for age 15 years and up.
Scale: 1/18. Package size: 185*200*100mm. Weight: 0.35kg. Material: ABS PVC
VINTAGE-INSPIRED PACKAGING:JOYTOY Warhammer 40K 5.1-inch scale classic original branding(Each sold separately. Subject to availability).
More sci-fic design, more exquisite workmanship, this action figure can assume various poses. Every inch of this product is painted by pro artists.For more realistic effects, some products are painted by doing old, war damaged effects.This new edition is really worth adding to your collections if you are a super fan of sci-fic figures.
PREMIUM DESIGN AND ARTICULATION: Highly articulated with fully poseable head, arms, and legs, the Warhammer 40K, JOYTOY can be displayed in Scenes and vehicle collections Target gender: unisex is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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